Sunday, 16 September 2018

Anxiety Relief: Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Anxiety Relief: Progressive Muscular Relaxation.
There are many ways to relax. This can be relaxation of the mind and body. One technique that many hypnotherapists and other therapists use is called  Progressive Muscular Relaxation. It's often also called PMR.

Progressive Muscular Relaxation was developed in the 1920's by Edmond Jacobson to help people with anxiety to relax. The idea is that you systematically go down the body tensing and relaxing muscles. After recognising tense muscles and then feeling the relaxation when you let go feels very good.

Hypnotherapists also use this technique, but in hypnosis there is no need to physically tense muscles because suggestion is made to relax already tense muscles. Some hypnotherapists start a PMR from the feet and gradually go up the body while others prefer to travel down the body giving suggestions of relaxing muscles. The process usually takes about 15 mins depending on the speed of the hypnotherapist and the response of the client. Some hypnotherapists use this technique at the beginning of the therapy to guide the client to relax before providing the positive suggestion to help the client to change.  At other times the PMR might be used as a way of just taking some time out for your self to relax. Some people buy hypnotic audio recordings that use PMRs  as a method to relax after work. A PMR can also help people to sleep better.

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