Thursday, 25 October 2018

How has your day been?

I've  had a good day working today. Many people complain about work but I feel privileged to be able to work and help people.

I help clients who are struggling with stress and anxiety or bereavement and loss to reduce the pain and feel so much better.  This means that I see adults from all backgrounds with many problems from work or personal stresses, fears and phobias, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), worries, relationship problems and much more.

Today I helped a lady who needed to talk after the loss of her dog as pet bereavement counselling is also an area that I want to help with. I'm a great animal lover and so I know that losing a pet can be very painful.

Sometimes I work late catching up with paperwork or marking students assignments; that's OK because I can then focus more on clients during the day rather than the paperwork. But I got a shock this evening when I suddenly realised that I was being watched!

This is Mini my dog. Perhaps she felt she needed a bit of attention too but she didn't say a word!

If you want to reduce stress and be happier in your work I might be able to help.

Bye for now.

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