Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Learning about hypnosis

Learning is an essential ingredient of life. We learn as a baby to demand food from our mothers. We learn behaviour that gets us things when we are a child and we learn when we go to school or university. But learning never stops there. The problem is that we think we know things until something goes wrong in life or we feel unhappy.

Hypnosis is not magic or scary but it can help you to learn amazing things about your abilities and feelings in life.

Hi I'm Linda, a hypnotherapist. I'm proud of what I do because I an help people to learn how to use the power of their minds to make change. And all this is done through suggestion. This can be self suggestion or suggestions given in certain ways from others such as a hypnotherapist.

Positive suggestions can help people to learn how to stand up and give a speech, how to get that sense of achievement and confidence back or how to help the body to look after its self.

But as a hypnotherapist my job is also to keep learning. I do this through attending conferences, reading and other professional development activities. I also have professional supervision and I'm a supervisor myself. Sometimes I also need to learn from myself and reflect on what I am doing and how I am feeling. That's important when I meet so many people with problems. This is about my self care.

This weekend I went to the UK Hypnosis Convention in London. It was a great way to mix with like-minded people and learn. Now my toolkit of helpful techniques is much bigger I'm sure I will be able to help my clients to learn more and deal with their issues.

So if you want to learn more about hypnotherapy contact me. I offer free sessions either in small groups or one to one explaining hypnosis and how I work. You could learn something amazing like I did when I first learnt about hypnosis.


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